From the First day we met

From the First Day We Met (feat. Rene' Gordon) combines sultry Neo-Soul vocals with smooth jazz musical sounds.

Do You Remember

 Do You Remember is a tribute to Donald Byrd and his influence on my musical style with a mixture of Jazz, Funk, and Soul all combined. 

monk's ekg

 As a tribute to Thelonious Monk, Monk's EKG is reminiscent of his unique rhythm, style, and dramatic key strokes.

so cold

Rendering DNA from Donald Byrd and Roy Ayers brings about the birth of So Cold.  Boasting a Swing beat with a touch of Jazz and sprinkle of Go-Go, So Cold will get your shoulders bouncing.

my jazz world

There are no rules here. The timing, the chord progression, and the melody all merge to form a new dimension, a new world...My Jazz World.